Felt Garlands and Mobiles

My first crafty project for this month is a garland. I think they’re so much fun to decorate with and I’ve always wanted to make one. With Valentine’s Day this month, I created a quick one out of felt hearts.

I cut the hearts out while the girls played, and thenĀ chain-pieced them with my sewing machine while they napped. It was long enough to split into two and hang in the hallway and next to our kitchen table.

After cutting out all of the hearts, I had a lot of felt scraps left over. I cut them and some other scraps into circles and made a mobile for the girls’ room. Again, I used chain-piecing and it went very quickly. I wrapped a styrofoam ring with torn strips of fabric and used pins to secure them.

I’d love to make more garlands for other holidays – Christmas, Halloween, and birthdays, and with the simple felt shapes, they’re quick and easy. And as a bonus, Pumpkin loves the scraps and has been using them as pretend food and to make designs on her felt board.

2 Comments on Felt Garlands and Mobiles

  1. Anna
    February 20, 2014 at 6:44 PM (6 months ago)

    lovely garlands! And I love how you used the styrofoam wreath form and pins for attaching the shapes. I have the materials for making mobiles and garlands, you’re inspiring me to get crafty too!