Five Months: Exploring the Neighborhood

Dear Pumpkin,

I’m so behind in your monthly blog updates that I’m just now posting about your 5th month in March, and it’s the first of May. On the plus side, we’ve been really busy having a great time exploring our new home.

We moved into our new apartment in the Inner Sunset neighborhood of San Francisco at the beginning of the month. Unfortunately, our furniture was delayed as the ship from Belgium went down to Chile and then up to Vancouver before delivering our moving crate. It was very frustrating to see on the tracking map how close by it passed us without stopping.

The minimalist lifestyle, though, suited you well. Since you could not yet roll, you slept on the floor in the corner of your room. We ate meals on the dining room floor, and you had a huge playspace in the empty living room. I was almost disappointed when our furniture arrived from Belgium and cluttered up our space.

Without any furniture, we made great efforts to get out and explore our new neighborhood. Every week, we got together with our playgroup, walked in Golden Gate Park with friends, and attended Baby Rhyme Time at the library.

We also did some exploring around the city. I switched between pushing you in the stroller and carrying you in the Ergo, but you happily rode (and fell asleep) in both. In fact, you slept through most of our excursions this month. We took you to Berkeley, Alcatraz, Ocean Beach, Glen Park Canyon, Grand View Park, Golden Gate Park, Crissy Fields, and the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. (Links to photos coming soon!)

You continue to grow so fast. The big excitement this month was that you started sleeping through the night, generally 8pm until 7am. A couple moms asked me for tips, but the only thing that changed is that you started sleeping in your own room. I’m guessing that little distance allowed both of us to sleep more soundly.

Another accomplishment this month is that you discovered your thumb. You’ve never been much of a fan of pacifiers, so this thumbsucking is great. It takes some of the pressure off of me to sooth you…and it lets us know you’re ready to sleep.

Also in anticipation of a date night without you in April, I started pumping. The pediatrician warned us that we might have waited to long to introduce you to the bottle, but you took to it without any problems. In fact, this allowed me to go to a local craft night and leave you home with Papa. He fed you and put you to bed while I went out and worked on hand-tying one of my quilts.

Overall, you’re doing great – you’re happy most of the time. I love your laugh and gummy smile, though the drool has started. I attribute it to early teething. You’re grabbing things and getting much stronger on your tummy and even starting to sit up with some assistance.

Hugs and Kisses,

I’ve posted more photos and videos from this month on PicasaWeb:
Pumpkin’s 5th Month (22 photos, 5 videos)

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  1. Katharine in Brussels
    May 7, 2011 at 5:56 AM (5 years ago)

    Wow, I check back in and you’re living in No Cal! You’re certainly For the Journey. Glad things worked out for you with the furniture shipment at last, and with pumping. I’m still bfing DD at 15 mos, of course she eats lots of solids to make up the vast majority of her diet. BTW you might like using a Doidy cup (NAYY) with your DD, they really helped my daughter learn to drink from a cup and they’re approved for ages 3mos+. They completely bypass any nipple preference issues so you can bf for the period nature intended. We are expecting #2 and I thought I’d say hi to you in Brussels, but too late! Enjoy the Bay Area!
    Katharine in BrusselsĀ“s last blog post ..Two under two preparationMy Profile