Congrats to Jane and Bill

Bride and Groom This past weekend, Thomas and I attended Jane and Bill’s beautiful wedding in Savannah. We carpooled with Anne Marie and Dave, and got there in time to check into the hotel, clean up, and head over to the wedding. The ceremony was in one of the town’s squares, and the reception was in Paula Deen‘s Lady and Son’s restaurant. The ceremony was beautiful, and I’m totally impressed on how Jane and Bill skipped some traditions to have the wedding more reflect their personalities.

Here’s some of the highlights:

  • The beautiful, sunny and warm weather, perfect for an outdoor wedding
  • The excuse to check out a new area – Savannah reminds me of a little New Orleans
  • The overall relaxed, casual feeling before the ceremony from chatting with the wedding party and watching as the bride danced in the grass to relax
  • Jane walked in to The Pink Panther, and the married couple walked out to Mahna-Mahna by the Muppets.
  • The intimate feeling from everyone there being very close to the bride and groom. It really hit me on how uneven the ratio is on family members to friends.
  • The tasty food included fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and banana cream pudding.
  • Sitting with a group of friends at dinner, since I’ve never been to a wedding with a group of people I knew
  • Seeing the huge smile on the bride’s face throughout the night
  • Seeing how friends pitched in from helping with the iPod music, to doing the bride’s hair and make up
  • Going bar hopping with the bride and groom afterward and learning more about Savannah
  • Carpooling on a 4 hour each way trip, and getting to know friends better
  • And the rest are recorded in photos I took

I think there were alot of things that I learned from this wedding that I can use in planning my own. I was able to confirm that wedding music can be done entirely with an iPod, guests will have fun without dancing, people will not get drunk just because there’s liquor, and traditions are not required just because they’re tradition. Congrats again, Bill and Jane!

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